Why Radar?

Radar is an agenda free of commercial interest. Created by a community of groups announcing their own events, where the dominant power doesn’t decide if it’s worth a mention.
A tool we build together, to organise, socialise, educate.
A tool designed not to track its users, but break from the ‘facebook-like’ gated communities and to promote open sharing.

Community of groups

  • Groups are responsible for their own content. We can help you if you get stuck, but there isn’t anybody who will post events for you.
  • Groups are what drive our communities – and this site. Therefore events cannot be posted without being in a group.

Build together

  • We tried to build the site to be as accessible for everyone, but if we failed please tell us, so that we can fix it with your help.

No Tracking, Open sharing

  • The Radar site does not leak information to other websites. We actively discourage you to link to sites such as facebook.
  • This is a system which makes it easy to get your events onto other sites – the way you want to show them. It is different to the gated communities such as Facebook which need you and your data as their product, and so make it difficult to do anything but draw new users with your content to them. Remember not everyone is on Facebook, nor do they want to be.
  • Radar uses OpenSource software and Open Data (Drupal as Content Management System, and OpenStreetMap as source for the maps).
  • The webserver gets your IP address removed, so cannot log it. Cookies should only be set if you need to log in.
  • host the site on a server they control.

How does this work?

The basics, what is what?

Groups: a group of people doing something. This can be anything from running a whole building, a kitchen, a organizing committee for an action… Groups can have a physical location, but they don’t have to.

Events: anything organized by a group.

Location: the physical place where something takes place. This can be a full postal address or just a dot on the map. It also can have an ‘unofficial’ name under which it is generally known. One or more locations can be attached to a group or event.

Users: you. The individual people who are part of one or several groups. You need to make an account to add a group or a new location.